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You can take a closer look at all the ways you can fulfill your volunteer hours by exploring the Helping Out page. There you will surely find something that calls to you as your way to contribute to our mission. Whether you choose to work occasionally with our outreach/fundraising efforts (a very high priority for us now) or get a donations drive going in your neighborhood (at your church or at work or...) or you are limited to helping out with the everyday and weekly tasks of processing donations into available bins and onto clothing racks, please do not underestimate the significance of your efforts!  And thank you so very much for all you will be doing to support the many foster/adoptive/kinship families that share our (and your) mission to make a difference for children who have been 'displaced' but are now finding their way into a new and good place.


Our facility is located at 550 S Ironwood Dr, Apache Junction, AZ on the campus of Superstition Mountain Elementary School. We are on the Northwest corner of Ironwood and Broadway. You can get to us by turning into the campus from W. Broadway, where you will see several signs for us and other businesses that are located at the school. We are to the left of several palm trees in front of the buildings. Need some clarification of these directions? Please call 480-309-1743.

The Link to Jose's Closet Organization on Facebook is coming to this space in the near future. Due to 'technical difficulties,' we were not able to set this direct link up before launching this Website. Thank you for your patience and please feel free to go to Facebook yourself and enter Jose's Closet Organization. Specifically, you will find the hours we are open each week posted there, usually on Mondays.

First, a personal note of thanks... 

You are making such a difference for these very vulnerable children, Providing a trustworthy and caring environment for these 'little people' opens the way to a truly healthy and happy future for them. We are honored to help you with some of the challenges that go into providing for their needs. Welcome to Jose's Closet!

Costs to you

Our new location enables us to better serve our families from our greatly expanded space at the Superstition Mountain Elementary School. But our costs for rent and utilities have also increased significantly with this move. The Jose's Closet membership dues are $50 per year and cover all the children under 18 living in the home: natural born, kindred, adopted or foster. We also charge very nominal fees for just a few items (diapers, formula, etc.) as these 'disposables' are in such high demand and we often have to purchase them in addition to whatever quantities we may receive by donation.

Volunteering With Our Volunteers

Please take careful note of this set requirement for all of our members. You will be asked to spend five hours (minimum) each year helping out at the Closet or working from home. If we are to process the volume of donations that come to us every week and maintain our facilities in good order, we need all our members to spend a few hours each year helping our regular volunteers get such 'everyday' tasks done as sorting and storing, arranging shelves, tidying up rooms, gathering a group of us to clean and 'renew' the Closet...and so much more!

Also, when you come to shop, please ask how you can help out while you are there. There are many simple and quick tasks you can do to keep our facility ready to serve all the families who will be coming after you. Your fellow members will thank you...and you them! 

To schedule specific time slots when you can fulfill your volunteer hours requirement, please contact Debbie at She will get you connected to the right staff volunteer at a time that works for you and the Closet's schedule. For a detailed list of volunteer opportunities, please see the Helping Out page on this website.

But also...Getting Along Together

We also ask that all communications and interactions with volunteers, staff volunteers, and other members be done in a respectful and caring way. We all face more than our fair share of stressful times these days and often, sadly, have to carry those pressures with us wherever we go. And so, whether shopping at the Closet or volunteering with our staff, we can all appreciate practicing 'respectful and caring' treatment of each other...just to give us at least a short time away from the pressures we may be facing this week. We want everyone's experience at Jose's Closet to be a positive and uplifting one...always. Thanks for doing your part to make this happen!
What you need to Become a Member

Step One:  Please ask for a Membership Application Form either in person at the Closet or call 480-309-1743.

Please note there are two sections that require special attention: 

  • "Your Children":  please enter the names of your children, their age, sex and whether they are Biological (B), Adopted (A), Foster (F), or Kinship (K). Note: foster and adoptive and kinship families are all welcome at Jose's Closet. Also, we only gather your children's information for statistical records we have to keep for grant writing and governmental legal requirements. No names are ever revealed in those processes.
  • "Jose's Closet Liability Waiver":  please make sure you sign and date this section of the form. It is included in the Application Form below and on all printed copies that you may be given either by email or in person. So that you can preview what you will be signing, it reads as follows: 
       "Jose's Closet is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization. We receive donations from many different Community partners and from the general public. These donations are then passed on to our members, some with a small fee, always intending to help ease the expense of raising Arizona Foster Children. We do not and cannot guarantee any equipment or goods that come to Jose's Closet. They are distributed "as is" and are intended for our member's use with safety in mind. I understand that any equipment, toys, formula or items received from Jose's Closet were purchased or gifted to me "as is" and I will not hold Jose's Closet responsible for any liability associated with those gifted items. Also, Jose's Closet Board reserves the right to accept or decline new/renewal Membership Applications." 

                                                                                                                                                                              Step Two:  Fill out the Volunteer Form found on the Helping Out page on this website and indicate your preferences for how you want to fulfill your service hours. 

Step Three:  Schedule a tour of our facility (map, directions and contact emails are at right), during our normal 'open for business' hours (for those, check out the Facebook link on right). Please bring with you your Notice to Provider as we need a copy for our records.

Step Four:  Pay the $50 membership dues and start shopping. You can get your payment to us by:

  • sending a check or money order to PO Box 1641, Queen Creek, AZ  85142
  • or bringing it with you when you come for a tour and to start shopping
  • Please note that NSF checks are subject to $20 servicing fee.

                                                                                                                                                                                     You can also show up during open hours and do all of this at that time, but there will be a fair number of other families and children shopping at the facility while you are there, making for many interruptions during your visit!

Need questions answered?

Please contact Karla at 480-309-1743 for any clarification you need on how to become a member. Also, each year, about one month before you are due to renew and pay the annual dues, you will receive a reminder email from Tom Mick (the Board member who keeps our membership list up to date).

Renewing your membership

Renewing members will receive an email 'reminder notice' from our Treasurer, Tom Mick, just before your renewal month. You can print off the attached membership form, fill it out and deliver it and your payment either in person or by mail (see Step Four). If you are not planning on renewing, please let us know by replying to his email and let us know your reasons for discontinuing your membership. We deeply appreciate you taking the time to do this for us. Thanks! 

 Even though you are 'just renewing,'  we would ask that you carefully read the "Volunteering with our Volunteers" and the "Getting Along Together" sections (above) as they will provide new information and reinforce your understanding of what is required of a Jose's Closet member. Please also be sure to read and sign the disclaimer that is part of the membership form and to fill out a fresh Volunteer Form with your service preferences. 

Please see

The hours are posted there each Monday for the following week. Or you can call 480-309-1743 if you are not on Facebook. Once you become a member, you will also receive a weekly email (usually Sunday or Monday) with our open hours.

New: the AZ Tax Credit is now available for 2018 donations! QFCO code 10040   Click Here!