Jose's Closet ​

(April through August)

We need (in order of priority):

Durable Back Packs for Middle/High School (SwissGear and like)

USB Flash Drives (8GB), simple Calculators, 

College-ruled paper, Wire-bound Notebooks (also college ruled), Presentation Binders (brad type)

Sharpies (black, blue), Pencil Boxes, Mechanical Pencils, Pencils, Pens (black, blue, red)

Glue Sticks, Dry Erase Markers, Highlighters

Gallon Zip Lock bags, Kleenex

A Few Things to Know:

Gently Used: while we welcome all donations, it is truly helpful if they are "gently used" or near new or new. Gently used applies most especially to toys, equipment, and furniture as we have very limited ability to fix or rebuild items. Also, we have no way to recondition or restore clothing.

Getting Your Donations to Us: while we are more than happy to pick up even very large donations, your help transporting your donation to our location would be very greatly appreciated. We have only a few volunteers who can handle picking up, and they are already fully involved in our mission's work. Please, as you can, check Jose's Closet Organization on Facebook for the hours we are open each week so that you can confirm that we are available when you want to deliver...or call 480-309-1743 for assistance with getting your donation to us. Together we will find an easy way to make it happen!

Do you take...? The List (below) may not have everything that we can take in and there are some items we would like to add in the future. If you are unsure, please call 480-309-1743 and Dwight will get you an answer. By the way, we do take cash, checks, and credit cards.