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We love to hear from our clients, donors, supporters  and even first timers. Please do not be shy about sharing your experience! Also, please know that we will only publish what you send us (whole or in part) with your express permission to do so (in writing).

In these testimonials you will hear the voices of foster parents, children and the volunteers who serve them so energetically and faithfully. You should come away with a good idea of the tremendous need we serve and how much the resource center does to bring renewed hope to the many fostered/adopted children we help each month.  You will also see how much the children and parents appreciate all the practical assistance they receive.

We also hope that these stories, especially the ones from our volunteers, will inspire you to work with us in any way you can...from home, on site or even going out with us to community service organizations. However limited your time to give or your ability to do 'the heavy lifting,'  we have jobs that can fit anyone's willing hands and heart.

Thanks in advance for all that you will be inspired to share; you are a priceless gift to us!

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Would you like us to share our stories with your group? If you need a speaker for an event or just want to give people something to care...and cheer...about, we have several folks who can't wait to get the word out about what we are doing to make a difference for the children that our foster/adoptive families have taken in and given a new start in a much better place.  To arrange for a speaker, please call Wendy at 480-313-8496.