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run by Foster/Adoptive Families

Most often a foster child is placed in a home with only the clothes on their backs. These most vulnerable children (ages 0 to 18) are going through an always traumatic transition. We are called to serve these often very frightened and hurting 'young persons' by providing a place where foster and adoptive and kinship families can obtain most items their 'displaced' child needs to heal and thrive in their new family.

THE NEED... Arizona has over 20,000 kids in foster care at this time. Thankfully, we have many families (though not enough!) who are either getting certified for the first time or willing to take in one more child

HOW WE SERVE - Our resource center in Apache Junction supplies foster, adoptive and kinship families with clothes (all ages), strollers, school back backs, toys, formula, diapers and much more.

Our Mission 


If you feel drawn to helping with our mission to foster, adoptive and kinship families, please take a close look at all the ways you can work with us and support us on the Helping Out page. And thank you in advance for all you will be doing!

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The hours are posted there early each week for the following week. Or if you are not on Facebook, call 480-309-1743 for the most recent update. About one month after you become a member, you will start receiving a weekly 'update' email (usually Sunday or Monday) with our open hours.

One quick way to connect with us: EMAIL us at

We are a 501c3 charitable organization and all contributions, in kind or monetary, are tax deductable or AZ Tax Creditable (new!) 

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To hear an audio version of Jose's story, please click on the link directly below.

Here you can find Testimonials from families and foster children and stories that our volunteers wanted to share. You can also tell us about your own experience (which we will only publish on this website with your permission!).

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Some of the Esquibel Foster/Adoptive Family

Jose (center) was born July 22,1997.

He became an angel on November 4, 2007.

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Whether you are a new or experienced foster/adoptive/kinship parent, you will find all that you need to become a member of Jose's Closet on the New Members page. And once you have signed your family up and paid the membership fee, you can start 'shopping'...immediately!


We are now located at the old Superstition Mountain Elementary School, 550 S Ironwood Dr, Suite 1, Apache Junction, AZ. We are in the School's A-Pod which is on the north side of Broadway about 1/2 block west of Ironwood.

You can get to us by turning into the campus from W Broadway, where you will see several signs for us and other businesses that are located at the school. We are to the left of the palm trees in front of the buildings. Need some clarification of these directions? Please do call 480-309-1743.

          BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS      Priority Needs:College Ruled Notebooks, 8GB Flash Drives, basic Calculators,  Black & Blue Sharpies, Pencil Boxes...

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The Contact Us page has a variety of opportunities to connect with even more of us. Please use it as often as needed. We look forward to getting to know you. 

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